i haven't posted anything for quite a while huh? so i guess my blog is kinda dusty. ahaha. so...yeah, i wanna say something for the record.

i am no longer a fan of John Green. oops sorry....hm i don't know why actually hahaha.

i guess it's just me. i've come to think that i deserve to like better authors. but don't get me wrong, i like his books. just not him.

Oh well i'm sorry 😔

Stating metaphors

You will know how to state things in ways that would suprise you. I'd hesitate before saying things, even things i'm confident about. Hesitating doesn't mean i'm not confident, hesitating just means that i'm giving the spoilers the chance to spoil it for me, or for anyone. To completely change what i was about to say. I like metaphors, they're controllable, nice, & literally cool. Cigarettes, the thing that can give you cancer, but you just put it between your lips, then you light it up, it will slowly kill you. You see, you have the power to control it, just put the cigar between your lips, the thing that kills, you don't light it, then cool, it will not kill you. But the moment you light the cigar, it slowly burns your throat to a pleasure that slowly kills. Controllable, just what i was saying.

the society

the moon has always been there to witness my breakdown at some certain hour of the silent nights i've been through. while the sun hasn't seen much of my soul. maybe just my body. my present body has to pretend that i am not going to show what i feel inside when everything is falling apart. if i know things are gonna be this way, i wouldn't take the risk of falling for you at the first place. what was that. that was really stupid. can i control my feelings? i fell for your smile at the first glance, & i'm still falling for it. am i stupid to say no when it feels so right & so securely good being around you? i could have said no, i just could not. i would not. now we are just fine, but people around us, darling. they are not ok with us being together. they say that i caused you to change into someone they hoped you would never be. but i know they are just dumb to think that way. people change. we have to accept that somehow. maybe they are the ones who changed into a whole new different phase of mankind. i feel so alive, never been better. but with people talking about us, i feel sad & depressed. but who am i to keep their mouths closed? who are these people? the society. that's who they really are. 


I've been thinking to myself. What have i done wrong to people. What made people treat me so.. I don't know but yeah.. That's today. Some just lost their heart. No. I don't have any point. Clueless. Thanks

right path to somewhere

Roads. Roads to anywhere. Road trips. Roads. Roads to nowhere. Roads to somewhere. I'd choose the path where there are bruises by the roadside, showing signs that someone was there, someone took that road to somewhere, leaving sticks and stones, kicked around. If only i had the power to heel those bruised roads. They're like our hearts. Bruised, left alone that way. But time can heal the pain that has long kept inside. Sometimes, time can't. So it depends on how you choose to come to your senses...and choose the right path to somewhere? Cool.


Some say they hate the sweetest memory. It's not really the person whom you miss. It's the memories. What makes you sob to sleep, and what keeps your head spinning round and round. They say love is pain. They don't really feel the pain. The memories, what they recall, makes them cry their eyes out upon missing it. Wouldn't it be great if memories can be erased? Or left alone to be forgotten. But no...the more we remember, the more we recall, the more details come in place, creating the scars on our hearts. 


you know one of those nights where you're planning on staying up till the morn' but you're already sleepy by midnight? i'm in the situation. I need to sleep. ASAP. Night guys xo


Have anything ever occurred to you in times when yr world isn't really stable? Like bad news, coming to you at times where everything is falling apart and words can't describe. Or being cheated on when he told you millions of times that he'll stay? Well.. there are times when we should just let it all out. Let yr scream break the mirrors around, let yr tears wet yr pillows, let yr hands punching anything, let yr mouth swear words you'd never swore, let yr whole body sink in the tub of thorns, let yr legs stomp the floor, and..let yr heart speak. After all the letting-all-out thingies, let yr mind rest and just sleep through the day.


i am seriously waking up from a lovely-dream-or-not-a-dream-at-all. ok, i am in love. but i'm just too young fr this. let's say it's not gonna last, but will it come back again somehow in the future? when time has fade, love will come again. as...we can all believe in fate. spouses. i am just so young and in love. not sure if i am really feeling this or i'm just daydreaming. i got the best fr now. i'm never letting this perfect moment fade. enjoy what you have. never let this moment- what i'm feeling; fade. never. 


It's a stop of a journey. I cannot care less. I have nowhere to go from here. If i do, i would have gone there earlier. But the truth is, there's no place like home. Home is where yr things are, where yr hopes are and yr love. You have to remember that every minute of the day has been set free just for you to use them, and to guide yrself. Through the day and night. Through the light and the dark. At some point, you'll give up on yr journey. Journey to nowhere. You'll forget about it and you'll stay home and watch tv with some dips fr yr chips. That's beaautiful. As for me, i'd like to stay home everyday. To continue my journey in my house..there's no place like home, told ya.