the society

the moon has always been there to witness my breakdown at some certain hour of the silent nights i've been through. while the sun hasn't seen much of my soul. maybe just my body. my present body has to pretend that i am not going to show what i feel inside when everything is falling apart. if i know things are gonna be this way, i wouldn't take the risk of falling for you at the first place. what was that. that was really stupid. can i control my feelings? i fell for your smile at the first glance, & i'm still falling for it. am i stupid to say no when it feels so right & so securely good being around you? i could have said no, i just could not. i would not. now we are just fine, but people around us, darling. they are not ok with us being together. they say that i caused you to change into someone they hoped you would never be. but i know they are just dumb to think that way. people change. we have to accept that somehow. maybe they are the ones who changed into a whole new different phase of mankind. i feel so alive, never been better. but with people talking about us, i feel sad & depressed. but who am i to keep their mouths closed? who are these people? the society. that's who they really are.