Stating metaphors

You will know how to state things in ways that would suprise you. I'd hesitate before saying things, even things i'm confident about. Hesitating doesn't mean i'm not confident, hesitating just means that i'm giving the spoilers the chance to spoil it for me, or for anyone. To completely change what i was about to say. I like metaphors, they're controllable, nice, & literally cool. Cigarettes, the thing that can give you cancer, but you just put it between your lips, then you light it up, it will slowly kill you. You see, you have the power to control it, just put the cigar between your lips, the thing that kills, you don't light it, then cool, it will not kill you. But the moment you light the cigar, it slowly burns your throat to a pleasure that slowly kills. Controllable, just what i was saying.