sometimes in friendship, there are challenges such as pushing away, being pushed away and stuffs like that. but i'm so fragile-hearted that i feel like everyone's pushing me away. but i don't really mind. cs i know that one day they'll find me back. and somehow they'll need me in the end. im not too sure but let's just hope fr the best, that my friendship will stay lovely. i love my friends, bestfriends or whatever, they're my world. bestfriends are the one who stay through thick and thin. and still there..where you had left them..they're still fine. still ok cs they lost track of wht's important and nothing matters, really. and to some point, bestfriends will eventually go their own way. and at the end of the day, they'll meet up and be bestfriends again. cs they know they can't trust anyone else other than them fr after wht's important. and..i'll always be and need you guys... xo