Lucid vintage dream

I had a lucid dream. A vintage dream. I was in a house. An old fashioned house. It's big. I was wearing my short vintage skirt, tucked in blouse and black plain pair of flat shoes. I was wandering in the house. As i walked upstairs i came up to a little room. It's just like those rooms i saw in tumblr. Vintage rooms. The kind of rooms that i adore so much. I opened the door and walked in as amazement struck me. I sat down on a beautiful red couch. There was a book. A cute book. It's a book about princesses and vintage vintage vintage. So i got up and go to a little corner where there were boxes and boxes of vintage things. I took the boxes and wear all the stuffs i found. Like vintage shoes, vintage clothes, lomo cameras and all sorts vintage stuffs you see in tumblr. I didn't realize how long i was in there then something woke me up.